Testo Someday – Neil Young

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Testo della canzone Someday di Neil Young
Album: Freedom
Rommel wore a ring on his finger
He only took it off when he flew his plane
Once he told me why
He said we all have to fly someday
We all have to fly

TV preacher can’t be bothered
With those pretty things
He stays a step removed so they say
He’s pipin’ music in
We all have to sin someday
We all havve to sin

Workin’ on that great Alaska pipeline
Many men werre lost in the pipe
The went to felin’ cars
How smog might turn to stars
Smog might turn to stars

Hold me baby, put your arms around me
Give me all the love you have to give
Tomorrow won’t be late
We won’t have to wait someday
We won’t have to wait

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