Testo Something About Ireland – Deacon Blue

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Testo della canzone Something About Ireland dei Deacon Blue
Album: So Long Ago
Driving through the frocess in the snow
Two lines of trees consent to let us go
It tells a story of long ago
Another love that won’t let go ….it told me

Something about ireland
Something i should know
Something about ireland
Something makes me want to go

Standing in the suberbs at midnight
Out of the warm of dim tv light
A cold shiver gripped on hearing the distant sound
These dangerous places can turn your head around
Thet tell me ….

Families meet families mutter
Backdrop radio news stutters
Dead body in a dead-end street
Men media on while widows meet

In sunlit morn crossing the red sea
Two lights laugh from a hillside and beckon me
"mythical light of the ever present hope"
Bidding farewell,letting me know, telling me

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