Testo Something In The Night (Alt October 27, 1976 Version) – Bruce Springsteen

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Testo della canzone Something In The Night (Alt October 27, 1976 Version) di Bruce Springsteen
Album: Unknown
Well, I’m driving down Kingsley
Figuring I’ll get a drink
I turn the radio way up loud
So I don’t have to think
And I take her to the floor
Looking for a moment when the world seems right
And I go tearing into the guts
Of something in the night

And I picked this chick up hitchhiking
She just hung her head out the window and she screamed
Said she was looking for someplace to go
To die or be redeemed
Well you can ride this road ‘til dawn
Without another human being in sight
Baby, everybody’s gone looking
For something in the night

She said she was born with nothing
Said she was better — better off that way
As soon as you get something
Somebody comes along and they try to take it away
She wants me to push my old Chevy
‘Cause together we could make it clean
Make it fast, we could make an honest stand
And surrender to the justice
Of something in the night

‘Cause tonight nothing is forgotten or forgiven
When it’s your last time around
And I got stuff runnin’ round my head
I can’t live with or live down
And on the inside all the big boys and the players
They sit around the tables and mumble about some vague wrong and right
While outside kids like us rumble, babe
Over something in the night

And tonight me and that little girl are going to love each other
‘Til we got nothing left to show
We’re going to drive my old car
As hard and fast as she will go
For all the ones caught laughing in the face of the devil
Who went when the moment was right
Somewhere we’ll surrender to the beauty
Of something in the night

Ooh-oh, there’s s

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