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Testo della canzone Somewhere With Devo dei Devo
Album: Now It Can Be Told
Shout shout
I’m shoutin’ about the world outside
I’m shoutin’ because you just can’t hide
I’m shoutin’ from the plain honest truth
I’m shoutin’ there’s so much we could do
Shout i’m shoutin’
And when you put it all together
And when you roll it in a ball
And when you watch another pyramid
As it’s about to fall
Remember you were there
Remember if you care
All those who held their ground
When it all came down
Said shout shout
Shout well baby this one’s for you
Shout for everything that you do
Shout until the battle is won
Shout we’ll live to fight on and on
Are you ready?
Are you ready for inspection?
He’s ready to die!
There’s a place for us
Somewhere a place for us
Peace and quiet and open air
Wait for us somewhere
There’s a time for us
Somewhere a time for us
Time together and time to spend
Time to look time to care
Somewhere someday
We’ll find a new way of living
We’ll find a way of forgiving
Somewhere someday
There’s a place for us
A time and place for us
Hold my hand and we’re half-way there
Hold my hand and i’ll take you there
Somehow someday somewhere
(the femmes devo)
I’m a disco dancer
But i’ve got no place to go
(i’m a disco boy i’m a disco boy)
I’m a disco dancer baby
But my feet won’t touch the floor
(i’m a disco boy i’m a disco boy)
Oh no
I’ve been sleeping twenty years or more
I remember long time ago
(i’m a disco boy i’m a disco boy)
Nya nya nya nya
Now i’m back to change your mind
Now i’m moving right in time
In a world that’s turned unkind
I see what’s going on behind my back
I’m a disco dancer
And i keep dancin’ on and on
(i’m a disco boy i’m a disco boy)
Oh no
I’m a disco dancer baby
But i think that something’s wrong

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