Testo Speed Demon – Sting

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Testo della canzone Speed Demon di Sting
Album: Miscellaneous
Speed demon
Terror strikes when nobody knows
Speed demon
Blasting out with dynamite blows
EEC gonna put it in motion
Mark of the beast right across the ocean

Speed demon
Hell is for heroes,I’m told
Speed demon
Lake of fire and brimestone
World War I,World War II,
World War III,that’s me and you

Speed demon
Economic war goes higher
Speed demon
Ressurected Roman empire
We’re too stoned,baby. We can’t knock it
Ain’t no way that we can stop it

An Old World power
grows bigger by the hour
The whore and her harlots
take babylon much higher
Economic union and military stand
Mark of the beast

Speed demon
Written in the hearts of men
Speed demon
The lightbringer strikes again
Well,license to buy written on your forehead
Tommorow:the United States of Europe

Speed demon
Speed demon
Speed demon
Speed demon
[repeat with violent hacking and gasping in the background to fade

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