Testo Stalin Malone(Instrumental) – Elvis Costello

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Album: Unknown
Testo della canzone Stalin Malone(Instrumental) di Elvis Costello
I’m going to make you even fear the dream you dream
So don’t even think about it don’t make a wish
You think that I don’t see you as you trawl those young weak fish
Hooked on those poor wonders, ‘til they want you alone
Though they can’t tell a cuckoo-clock from the squeals of saxophones
That’s when they’ll fear my name
Stalin Malone

I’m telling you the day will come when this man gets what he merits
Though people still wear animal skins to ward off evil spirits
Only wife-swapping and witchcraft woke the dormitory town
‘Til horse’s heads up in the trees came dripping down
Yes, horse’s heads up hung in the trees after the bird had flown
Did you wonder of my whereabouts as the barrack-room was blown
Did anybody call my name?
Stalin Malone

In a room called creation, where you all obey my laws
Where Seconal is gravity and pain is like applause
You think that this phenomenon is some coincidence
But I’ve got people everywhere, you’re under
my surveillance, in the pocket of my pants
Okay, she left me, but I’ll soon get over that
Falling out of the
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