Testo Stars Of Warburton – Midnight Oil

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Testo della canzone Stars Of Warburton dei Midnight Oil
Album: Blue Sky Mining
(Jim Moginie/Peter Garrett)

I was
I was shaken down in a toy town
He’s not there
You know it’s Kennedy’s shadow
>From White Cross to Michigan
ATM’s in the air
Oh yeah machines they are spinning out everywhere

The speaker is speaking
Can you hear the sound
The listener is listening as he hits the ground
The medium or the message but there’s no one around

I couldn’t believe the stars of Warburton
Were waiting for me

We were dancing
We were dancing on the plain
Were looking through the window
don’t see any buffalo there
We got out pipe dreams
They went up in smoke dreams
Burn it clean in the climate control
Of your hypermart malls
Don’t want to talk about Elvis Presley
Don’t want to see his white shoes walkin’ around and
Around and around and around over here
The press baron’s acting up the mainframes are down
The newspaper’s crawling around on the ground
The medium or the message
Still there’s no one around


Over the hills and mountains we go
So far so far away
For the ring of the axe on the ironbark
For the smell of the wallaby stew
>From the golden reefs to the sandstone cliffs
Came the sheep pens of the mallee plain
The wind blew the soul to the Orient
We’ll be shouting to the skies again


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