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Testo della canzone State Of Grace di Reba McEntire
Album: What If It’s You
Grace worked down at Wal-Mart
For thirteen years she punched that clock
Been two weeks without a day off
She never gave it too much thought
Till one morning in the mirror
Two new lines opened he eyes
And suddenly it hit her
She still had her wings to fly

Attention late night shoppers
A two for one on broken chains

That’s the state of Grace
It’s the weak made strong
It’s finding what you’re missing was right there all along
It’s an open road to a better place
It’s a life worth living in the state of Grace

Grace cleaned out her bank account
And bought a beat up camper truck
Turned her pink slip into personnel
And tore her time card up
As she drove away she wondered
What New York City would be like
And would the stars really keep you up
On a clear desert night

With her front seat full of road maps
To help her loose her way


Grace knew when she looked up
There wouldn’t be a sky
If the dreams we’ve been given
Weren’t supposed to fly


(Trey Brooks, Lisa Drew)
Copyright 1996 WB Music Corp

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