Testo STILL I RISE – 2pac

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Testo della canzone STILL I RISE di 2pac
Dear Lord
As we down here, struggle for as long as we know
In search of a paradise to touch (my nigga Johnny J)
Dreams are dreams, and reality seems to be the only place to go
The only place for us
I know, try to make the best of bad situations
Seems to be my life`s story
Ain`t no glory in pain, a soldier`s story in vain
And can`t nobody live this life for me
It`s a ride y`all, a long hard ride

Somebody break me I`m dreamin, I started as a seed the semen
Swimmin upstream, planted in the womb while screamin
on the top, was my pops, my momma screamin stop
From a single drop, this is what they got
Not to disrespect my peoples but my poppa was a loser
Only plan he had for momma was to fuck her and abuse her
Even as a little seed, I could see his plan for me
Stranded on welfare, another broken family
Now what was I to be, a product of this heated passion
Momma got pregnant, and poppa got a piece of ass
Look how it began, nobody gave a fuck about me
Pistol in my hand, this cruel world can do without me
How can I survive? Got me askin white Jesus
will a nigga live or die, cause the Lord can`t see us
in the deep dark clouds of the projects, ain`t no sunshine
No sunny days and we only play sometimes
When everybody`s sleepin
I open my window jump to the streets and get to creepin
I can live or die, hope I get some money `fore I`m gone
I`m only 19, I`m tryin to hustle on my own
on the spot where everybody and they pops tryin to slang rocks
I`d rather go to college, but this is where the game stops
Don`t get it wrong cause it`s always on, from dusk to dawn
You can buy rocks glocks or a herringbone
You can ask my man Ishmael Reed
Keep my nine heated all the time this is how we grind
Meet up at the ce

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