Testo Stone The Crows – Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Testo della canzone Stone The Crows di Andrew Lloyd Webber

Pharaoh said —


Well stone the crows, this Joseph is a clever kid
Who’d have thought that fourteen cows could mean the things he said they did?
Joseph, you must help me further; I have found a job for you
You shall lead us through this crisis — you shall be my number two


Pharaoh told his guards to fetch a chisel from the local store
Whereupon he ordered them to cut the chains that Joseph wore
Joseph got a royal pardon and a host of splendid things
A chariot of gold, a cloak, a medal and some signet rings
Joseph — Pharaoh’s number two
Joseph — Egypt looks to you

Seven summers on the trot were perfect just as Joseph said
Joseph saw that food was gathered ready for the years ahead
Seven years of famine followed. Egypt did not mind a bit
The first recorded rationing in history was a hit


Joseph how can we ever say
All that we want to about you?
We’re so glad that you came our way
We would have perished without you


Joseph we are the perfect team
Old buddies you and me
I was wise to have chosen you
You’ll be wise to agree
We were in a jam
Would have baffled Abraham
But now we’re a partnership it’s just a piece of cake


Greatest man since Noah
Only goes to shoah


Anyone from anywhere can make it if he gets a lucky break!


This could be the happy ending, perfect place to stop the show
Joseph after all has got about as far as he can go
But I’m sure that Jacob and his other sons have crossed your mind
How had famine hit the family Joseph left behind?

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