Testo Street Hassle: Slip Away – LOU REED

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Testo della canzone Street Hassle: Slip Away di LOU REED
Believe me, that’s just a lie
That’s what she tells her friends
There’s a real song, the real song
She won’t even admit it to herself
Narrow heart, the song let’s the people know
It’s a painful song
It’ll only say the truth
It lasts for sad songs
Twenty for wish
Wish it won’t make it so a pretty kiss and a pretty face
Can’t have it’s way
There’re tramps like us who were born to pay

Love has gone away
And there’s no one here now
And there’s nothing left to way
But, oh, how I miss him, baby
Oh, baby, come on and slip away
Come on, baby, why don’t you slip away

Love has gone away
Took the rings of my fingers
And there’s nothing left to say
But, oh how, oh how I need you, baby
Come on, baby, I need you baby
Oh, please don’t slip away
I need your loving so bad, baby, please don’t slip away

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