Testo Sulky Girl – Elvis Costello

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Album: Brutal Youth
Testo della canzone Sulky Girl di Elvis Costello
She wears a wedding ring her sister lent
To throw them off the scent
Just let them guess; it’s what they expect
Who in the world has bitten her neck?
She’s discovered wearing last night’s dress
The carnal and cunning she couldn’t express
Who do you think she’s trying to impress

I think you’d better hold your tongue
Although you’ve never been that strong
I’m sorry to say that I knew all along
You’re no match for that sulky girl

She left her European town
Before she let the family down
She couldn’t stand the massacre game
So she dyed her hair, adopted another name
With the evidence of passing out
Stamped on her hand; she glows in the dark
He thinks she’s from another planet


Sulky girl
I’m sure you look a picture when you cry
Threatening the silent treatment doesn’t qualify
It’s like money in the bank
Your expression is blank
And when a chance appears
You’ll be nearer to tears
Sulky girl (x2)

He said Hello my pretty flower
Just trying out his tycoon power
Avoiding the mirror, her pitying stare
She said Your’re mistaken
Your money’s no good in here
Just some stupid little know-it-all
You thought she looked easy
He’s not that astute
You’ll pay for the distance
Between cruelty and beauty


I won’t tell you again
What do you gain by blackening her name
She’s smarter than you
Oh isn’t it a shame
You’re going to lose that sulky girl

Sulky girl
I saw you practicing your blackmail faces
Suddenly you’re talking like a dutchess
But you’re still a waitress
I saw through your pretense
But in my defence
There are a few events
I think will spell the sentence
Sulky girl (x4
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