Testo Sunday go to Meetin – Bryan Duncan

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Testo della canzone Sunday go to Meetin di Bryan Duncan
Grab the keys and run, son, to the station wagon,
Let’s all go!
Sunday go to meetin’, good time
Make room for Lonnie, the kids and Grandma Currie
On old folks row.
Sunday go to meetin’, good time
We’ll be there early to shake some hands
And get to know
Sunday go to meetin’, good time
We’ll look around some before the sermon,
To see who’s missin’
Sunday go to meetin’, yeah

Let’s get together just to spend some time,
Forget the clock up on the wall,
Replace the pressure with some peace of mind.
Jesus has something for us all!
No need to try to lick this life alone, (no, no)
Might find some strength in someone else, (someone else, yeah)
Let’s get together on some common ground
Prefer the Lord above ourself

Almost like heaven when we get together
Faces glow
Sunday go to meetin’, good time
Now don’t you worry when we get to singin’
Blessings flow
I’m inviting you so let’s fly
We’ll clap our hands, ya’ll, and stomp our feet,
Close our eyes
Sunday to to meetin’, yeah
We’ll keep the faith, Lord,
We’ll leave our burdens far behind
Sunday, Sunday go to meetin’

Oh, alright, now,

The pressures of another week unwind
I’m thankful just to be alive.
I sure could use a miracle divine
‘Cause I’d like to do more than just survive, yeah
No way to try to lick this life alone, (no, no)
Let’s turn to hymn, page twenty-three
And let us stand as we all sing this song.
It’s Just a Closer, Closer Walk With Thee
Oh, grant it, Jesus, is my plea! Yeah!

(Just a closer Lord, just a closer, just a closer walk)
Just a closer walk with Thee,
(Just a closer walk, j

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