Testo Sunday Kind Of Love – Reba McEntire

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Testo della canzone Sunday Kind Of Love di Reba McEntire
Album: Reba
I want a sunday,kind of love
a love to last past saturday night
and I want to know it’s more than love at first sight
I want a sunday kind of love

I want a love thats on the square
can’t seem to find somebody,someone to care
and I’m on a lonely road that leads to nowhere
I want a sunday kind of love

I do all my sunday dreaming
and all my sunday sceaming
every minute,every hour,everyday
and I’m hoping to discover a certain kind of lover
that will show me the way
and my arms need someone to enfold
to keep me warm when monday’s
and tuesday’s grow cold
and I need a love for all my life to have and to hold
I need a sunday kind of love
I don’t want a monday or a tuesday
a wednesday or a thursday
a friday or saturday I don’t want nothing baby
I want a sunday kind of love

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