Testo Susana – Ricky Martin

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Testo della canzone Susana di Ricky Martin
Album: Ricky Martin (1991
I am sitting in the room
With nice music,
I am waiting for the moment
When I’ll give you a hug.
Your body is shaking
When I kiss you,
Susana, Susana, Susana,
I am dyeing for your love.
I can feel your arms on my,
My fingers are on your skin,
This beautiful momentis very long,
The time which have pass is very costly.
When the telephone rings
I can recognise his voice sais:” Who is there?”
My new girl is horor,
I am dyeing,
We’ll meet,
Becouse today is.. becouse of me… becouse…
Susana, Susana, Susana,
I need your worm,
Susana, Susana, Susana,
Let me sit beside you,
To kiss your lips one more time,
Maybe, not right now,
But I’ll try to act.
You are cold and far away,
You would love me to go,
Susana, Susana, Susana,
I am crazy for your love,
We are continue with party,
It’s almost daybreak,
Magic, which have took us together, disapears,
I’ll close myself,
Soon, I’ll tell:” I am leaving”,
I’ll say good-bye,
And I said no,
Susana, I need your worm,
Susana, you are close near my heart,
And I am crazy for your love

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