Testo Sweet Young Thing – Monkees

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Testo della canzone Sweet Young Thing dei Monkees
Album: Listen To The Band[Box Set
I know that something very strange just happened to my brain
I’m either feeling very good, or else I am insane
The seeds of doubt you’ve planted
Have started to grow wild
And I feel that I must yeild before the wisdom of a child

And it’s love you bring
No, that I can’t deny
And with your wings
I can learn to fly
Sweet young thing

People try to talk to me, their words are ugly sounds
But I resist all their attempts to try and bring me down
Turned onto the sunset like I never been before
I listen for your footsteps and your knock upon the door

And it’s love you bring
With dreams of bluer skies
And the morning sings
When I see it in your eyes
Sweet young thing
Sweet young thing

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