Testo Take Me To The Place – Deacon Blue

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Testo della canzone Take Me To The Place dei Deacon Blue
Album: Miscellaneous
For oscar marzaroli 1933 – 1988

Take me to the place where your heart hurts most
Lead me through the dark world gates down there
Where all the ghosts of sorrow and pain
And fear and despair stay hiding
And we’ll walk right through to our own way, our own place

There’s a beach that i walk so long and so broad
Oceans away miles longer than pain
In my glad dreams, i take you there, and it’s easy
Because the work and the hours
And the pay are far behind our sure steps

My heart longs to be next to you
My heart want’s to be there, be there with you
Where it’s warm and tender and mercy flows like a river
And there you stand with your wide open hands
And say abide with me

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