Testo Take My Bitch – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Take My Bitch di Too Short
That’s the trademark
Short Dog in the house
And it don’t stop to the beat baby

Verse 1:
Now take my bitch, she won’t complain about shit
Cause I taught her well, she got game for a trick
It aint hard to tell she belongs to me,
I pimped her 15 years in this industry
Now her pussy so big I don’t want no mo’,
But she still down wit me cuz I raised that ho
Found a bitch in East Oakland broke silly and young,
Don’t let her fool ya playa, she aint really dumb
Don’t be a sucka and give an old ho new life,
She got so much game ya wanna make her your wife
>From California all the way to Miami,
I pimped that bitch and now the hoes can’t stand me
Cuz when I put my bitch on the streets,
Niggas rush to the store cuz they love the beats
We gettin’ all the money, we cashin’ all the checks,
I aint no fake pimp nigga you can take my bitch

*DJ scratching Now take my bitch *

Verse 2:
Now do ya think I get mad when you sport my bitch around town,
Never that, cause my bitch is so down
I could send her to Hawaii or out to Nevada,
It really don’t matta, my pockets get fatta
Used to go to Las Vegas in the early-eighties snortin’ Coke,
Tryin to turn the ladies on to $hort
It was my destiny to pimp these hoes,
(Beyotch) Whole crowd screamin loud at my shows
I’ve been to every last city with the Dangerous Crew,
And everywhere I went the bitch came through
Makin’ money like a real good whore,
Tell ‘em whos your pimp bitch, Too $hort
On a ten week run back in eighty-nine,
I flipped a brand new Benz, the bitch was so fine
If you want that ho, you can have that bitch,
She won’t complain about shit

*DJ s

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