Testo Take This Heart – Laura Pausini

Album: Others (2004)
Testo della canzone Take This Heart di Laura Pausini
End is the time
I hear you wisper words
Tender and kind
they make me feel allright
As when I’m dreaming
that you hold me in your arms
And when you smile
I’ll lay on to your charmes
You’d feel me…


Take this heart
don’t lose it
Take this heart
take care of it
Cause only love can bring it back to me
So it’s always yours to keep
my… heart

Gotta be strong
turn tears into a smile
Show the world
I’m really doing fine
They say I’m young
so life will be kind
But death is a thief
and I’m treat be left all here
without you…


Sometimes I wonder if
I’m gonna make it alone
Without your love it seems
so hard
though the rain will always fall
behind the clouds
there shines
the sun I’ll always believe in

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