Testo Taking My Life In Your Hands – Elvis Costello

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Album: The Juliet Letter
Testo della canzone Taking My Life In Your Hands di Elvis Costello
Words: Mac Manus/J. Thomas/M.P. Thomas/Cassidy
Music: J. Thomas/Mac Manus (3:20)

My dear impulsive darling I suspect my letter got to
you too late
And it’s really just a silly fragment of paper
But it means so much to those who wait
All the suffering days and nights ‘til I dare dream again
There you suddenly stand and I’ll be damned if you
didn’t disappear with the dawn

Hours pass and darkness comes
Soon I will close my eyes
Will you return if you don’t reply
You’ll be taking my life in your hands
You’ll be taking my life in your hands
Taking my life in your hands

I don’t know why my dearest darling
I can’t tell you how I feel when you are near
When I see you have returned my letters unopened
I will tear them up, your voice ringing in my ears
But you’re kidding yourself if you think this
correspondence will end
I can always pretend words I don’t have the courage to
Reach you

Repeat chorus
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