Testo Talent Scout Man – Paolo Conte

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Album: Miscellaneous
Testo della canzone Talent Scout Man di Paolo Conte
The trees are in blossom
And I long to dance
But I strongly hope the world will
Observe me deeply
And once again turn around and observe me,
And the traffic will stop in Constantinople…
You who have made a fortune, Esther,
Leave some for me,
Leave me in the jingle of your jewellery
And in the ways of your victory,
I dont want too much, I only want
You to lead me to the beginning
And all the others: Ethel, Bessie, Ivy…
I detest you….

Gimme the phone number of your talent scout
Gimme the address of your impossible man
Gimme, gimme, gimme… I want this magic for me
Gimme the arms of your talent scout man!
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