Testo Te Extrano Te Olvido Te Amo I Miss You I Forge – Ricky Martin

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Testo della canzone Te Extrano Te Olvido Te Amo I Miss You I Forge di Ricky Martin
Album: A Medio Vivir
I am so lonely

Since you run away,

I am left with nothing more

Than a gray photo and a sad feelings.

What hurts the most is all this confusion

In every part of my heart,

How can I get you out of my thoughts.

For you, for you, for you,

I left everything without looking back,

I bet everything, and I lost.

I miss you,

Becouse your memory lives on in me,

I forget you,

I constantly try to,

I love you,

There’s just nothing I can do about it,

I miss you, I forget you and I love you again.

I have lost everything, even my identy,

And if you ask me for more, I would give even more,

Becouse when you are in love nothing is too much.

You taught me passion without limits,

But you didn’t teach me how to say good-bye,

I have learned

Now when you are away.

For you, for you, for you…

I miss you

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