Testo Teenage Dream – Marty Robbins

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Testo della canzone Teenage Dream di Marty Robbins
Album: Unknown
Mom says we’re too young for love, Dad agrees it’s so
But the joy and bliss that I find in your kiss
Is a thrill they’ll never, never know
Oh-oh, They say our love is a teenage dream
That young love can’t be true
But come what may we will hope and pray
That our teenage dream comes true

(But come what may we will hope and pray)
(That our teenage dream comes true)

Too young to date or stay out late
Or know the meaning of
Why should we conceal the way we feel
There’s no certain age for love
Mom should know that this is love
And Dad should know it too
Don’t give in, with faith we win
We’ll make our dream come true

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