Testo Tell Me Why – Kottonmouth Kings

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Testo della canzone Tell Me Why di Kottonmouth Kings
Album: Hidden Stash 2
now why you gotta cramp my style
you keep fuckin with my high and im about to get wild
now why you gotta harrass the pot leaders
harrass the people at expired parkin meters
why you gotta pull me over as if i was that dude in the stolen Nova
now why you gotta badge on your chest
stun gun on your hip and that bullet proof vest
now why you gotta act like you save your people
you front that you care just so we can feel equal
now why you gotta read me my rights
would you read em to your wife fuck no jesus christ
now why you gotta hand cuff me tight
in the middle of the night treat me like a murder type
now why you gotta gotta gotta nuttin
gotta get outta my face bitch i know you like dunkins

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