Testo Thangs Change – Too Short

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Testo della canzone Thangs Change di Too Short
{Too $hort:}
Tell em what we do in here, Dangerous…

Get some drums from a break and then break yo ass
You want beats from the crew? we’ll take yo cash
Five g’s for a muthafuckin song
And if you can’t pay it, keep movin on
I’m into somethin that your fake ass never can handle
With your SP-12 and your raggedy samples
Better stick with the James Brown and pay him
Cause the JD-800 ain’t even playin
Unless Pee Wee hit them keys
Ant Banks on the beats, now we makin g’s
Shorty B got the bass and we sellin it
Shit kinda fat like a muthafuckin elephant
Sample that shit if you want
You better try to sample this dangerous funk
Cause ain’t nobody trippin on your fake-ass tape
Shoulda got some beats from my nigga Ant Banks
But Banks ain’t thinkin bout no weak shit
Now you’re goin out like MC Bitch
And ain’t nothin worth killin like a sucker
Why you wanna make fake beats, muthafucka
Shoulda came real like the Oakland city
Beat your ass to death with a S-950
It’s not a James Brown loop, it’s not Parliament
But you can smell it cause it sho’ got a funky scent
It’s called The Dangerous Crew, make you feel stupid
Play a thousand records and you still can’t loop it
Cause it’s not to be found, but if you do
Nothin you could try make you sound like the crew

{Pee Wee:}
Geah man
Just another gangsta kickin tha playa pimp shit for nine-trey

When you’re with the dangerous crew
Bitches wann hang with you
Think about the thang in you
She can suck a thang or two
Niggas in other gangs wanna hang with you
Learn your slang, made a few fools wanna slang, would you
Tell them bitches they sang or would you
Lie to get that thang cause the

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