Testo That Kazzatsky Dance 19 Dec 1910 – Irving Berlin

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Testo della canzone That Kazzatsky Dance 19 Dec 1910 di Irving Berlin
Album: Miscellaneous
1st verse:] Abie darling dear, can’t you hear very clear
They’re playing that Kazzatsky dance
Cohen with his hand leads the band
Ain’t it grand
I tell you Abie take a chance
Take me by the wrist with your fist, make a twist
Or else I’ll go right in a trance
Come and give your baby just one glance
And we’ll do that Yiddisher dance

[chorus:] Oi, that Kazzatsky dance
It makes me lose my sense
Come and get handy, it’s dandy, dandy
Kiss me Kid, I’m candy
Oi, that Kazzatsky dance
I’m going in a trance
I love my ham and cabbage kid
But Oi, that Yiddisher
That Yiddisher
Oi, that Kazzatsky dance

[2nd verse:] Abie hurry up, take your time, hurry up
I want to dance fast, please go slow
Darling run away, better stay, while they play
Because I hate you, love you so
Look at what you did, oh you kid in the lid
I’m going crazy like a loon
Make some spooning with a silver spoon
While they play that Yiddisha tune

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