Testo That Makes Two Of Us – Reba Mcentire

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Testo della canzone That Makes Two Of Us di Reba Mcentire
(jerry fuller)

So you like sunday picnics
And yelling at the umpire at a baseball game
Window shopping, popcorn popping
Wading through the puddle in a summer rain
And i’ll bet you’re kind to children and
Someday you’d like to be a mother too
And do you got a feeling when you’re with me the way i do

Well that makes two of us
We’re like birds of a feather

True love brings together
A precious few of us
That makes two of us

So you believe in wishes
While blowing out the candles on a birthday cake
Gentle hugs and lightning bugs
Staying up all night to watch the morning break
We’ve got so much in common
Given half a chance i’m sure you’ll agree
One way to sum up forever is you and me

Repeat chorus

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