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Testo della canzone The Bells Are Ringing di Ray Boltz
The Bells Are Ringing

Words by Ray Boltz, Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan

The high priest would move
Through the temple
With bells around the bottom of his skirt
And as he prepared an offering there
The sound of the bells could be heard
Now there in the Holy of Holies
A sinful priest surely would die
But the sound of the bells sent a message
To all those who waited outside

The bells are ringing, He’s alive
Oh yes, the sacrifice is worthy
A sound that cannot be denied
The price has been paid
And as our hands are being raised
Let His holy name be praised
Tell every nation, every tribe
The bells are ringing, He’s alive

Now Jesus was born the Messiah
A man sent to save other men
And scripture proclaims,
He is the high priest
Who offered Himself for our sins
And cold was the tomb
Where they laid Him
And there only silence was found
But on the third day
The stone rolled away
And the whole world
Woke up to the sound


Open up your heart and listen
Tell me what do you hear
It’s the sound of salvation
Ringing He’s alive
And there’s no need to fear

CHORUS (repeat)

In every nation, in every tribe
The bells are ringing, He’s alive

1998 Shepherd Boy MusicASCAP (adm. by Word, Inc., a division of Word Music) and Weedom

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