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Testo della canzone The Extra Mile dei Pokemon
Album: The Power Of One: Ost 2000
Countless eyes are watching
in this finest hour
It’s time to realize the dream
And who we really are
I’m gonna freeze this space and time
Rise to meet the call
Seize the moment, make it mine
And through it all

Straight as the arrow flies
I will run towards the finish line
With all the strength I’ve found
My feet won’t touch the ground
I will scale the heights if I believe
Your wings of faith will carry me
I’ll go the distance just to reach
The arms I’m running to
I’ll go the extra mile for you

I know it won’t be easy
To make you understand
I wanna take the glory
And put it in your hands

Cause you’re the light that makes me shine
You’re the hero in my eyes
Win or lose, do or die
I’m aiming high


(Go the extra mile) in the end
(Go the extra mile) I wanna be able to say
I give all of me for the world to see
And I would do it all again
I’d go the extra mile


Knowing it would be worthwhile
I would go the extra mile for you

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