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Testo della canzone The Girl Who Still Lives At Home dei The Mr. T Experience
Something pretty bad happened to her long ago. She clams up, she lost it, she’d rather be alone lying on the bed with those stuffed animals at home. Her old high school friends had all moved away. When they see her now they don’t know what to say. They’re so different now and she is practically the same. She’s the girl who still lives at home she’s left out and she’s all alone working at the taco stand, fighting with her mom and dad.

I can see her sitting in the living room thinking of all of the things that she can’t do not as long as she is living underneath their roof She’s the girl who still lives at home mom and dad sent her to her room when they saw what she had done now she’s just a skeleton. They say she’s wasting away, she just stares into space everyday And you know she’d like to move away be on her own and she says it everyday she has plans to move away but you know she’s gonna stay that way she’s talking to her mom, she needs some help in the kitchen they’re watching LA Law and cable television she says it’s not so bad, you save a lot of money and she heard what you said but she’s staring at nothing.

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