Testo The King Of Oak Street – Kenny Rogers

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Testo della canzone The King Of Oak Street di Kenny Rogers
Like a leaf caught in the wind
He drifted a while
With no purpose or direction to-oo his life
He tried to get himself together-er-er
And pacify his mind
And forget about the things he le-eft behind

The cryin’ woman
Standing helpless in his door-oor
With a two month old baby-y i-in her arms
His little black book
Laying torn up on the floor
And God only knows he never meant to do-oo her wrong

A careless weekend on the other si-ide of town
Has torn the King of Oak Street’s Castle dow-ow-own
And all week long he’s trie-ied to ca-all her-er-er
But she won’t let him explain
Now Sunday morning finds him walking i-in the rain

He sits down in a phone booth and he prays
That she’ll forgive him
And she’ll belie-ieve he’s changed his ways
With shaking hand
He deposits hi-is last dime
And he’s still praying that she won’t hang u-up this ti-ime

Then the sweetest voice he’s ever hear-eard says hello-o-o
Breakfast’s a-almost ready ba-aby-y, come on ho-o-ome
I’ve thought the who-ole thing over
And I think I understand
That the King of Oak Street is just an ordinary man

I-I’ve thought the who-ole thing o-over-er
And I think I understand
That the King of Oak Stree-eet is just an ordinary man…

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