Testo The last time I was here – Bryan Duncan

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Testo della canzone The last time I was here di Bryan Duncan
The last time I was here
I can remember standing tall
But looking up to face the door
I can recall each room as large
And not at all that I was small
I was a child of course
I was a child of yours

The last time I was here
How could I have known
I’d be awakened by the loss of things held dear
And that my coming back would mark the fact
I’ve come full circle
I’ve done the work I’m stronger for
I couldn’t ask for more

Stay with me awhile
God of all that’s come and gone
You are the faithful Rose of Sharon
You are the morning’s final dawn
I need You to pray with me awhile
Let me feel Your strength in me
Here in the cradle of my soul
Let me let all else now go
I’ve gone around the world
To find the precious pearl
Was here all along

The last time I was here
I thought I knew the score
I thought my world was in my control
I cursed a lot of things
I blamed my chains
My lack of strength
The simple length of time I’ve known
Laid now before Your throne

Repeat Chorus

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