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Testo della canzone The Lonesome D.J. dei Golden Earring
Album: Unknown
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Here’s a sad – real sad record I’ve gotta dedicate
To a friend out there, somewhere on a big highway
That’s quite a note you wrote
Before you sneaked out with that – what’s his name…?
Here’s our song – yes the one
I used to play for you all day
You’ve gotta call and explain
Before you leave the station’s range
I don’t care who’s listenin’ in
Honey I’m against the wall
I’ll adjust my programme
To the kind of fool I am
I can only hope that you’re tuned in
I have no choise, baby
I sell my voice, maybe
I’m just another lonesome D.J.
Alone, with a phone and a stack of black vinyl
And I know, that home could be just as futile
Without your prescence
It wouldn’t make any sense
So I beg – I never did
never realized my love for you was that immense
Let me tell you she didn’t call
A FINGER to you all
I might as well have a ball – and play some ROCK

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