Testo The Murderers – JA RULE

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Testo della canzone The Murderers di JA RULE
[Black Child]
Word to god
Y’all know who the fuck this is
You know we would kidnap yo kidz
You know what the fuck we do
Murder bitch niggaz like you
For real, all the time, any place, anywhere
Y’all niggaz could get it
Act like y’all don’t know
In a world that’s ice cold, blacks die slowly
Cats snatch rollies, gats’ll leave you holy
My momma always told me the streetz will slow me down
Daddy never showed me how the heat will hold me down
So now I rob and steal, spit shit you feal, wit a clique that kills
Yea my shit’s that real, I hustle hard all my life
Ran the streetz all night
My wife alwayz said everything was gonna be ait
And she was right and that’s one reason why I love her
But everything she said went in one ear and out the other
Word to mother, look at it from a thug point of view
When the kids need clothes, what a thug gon do?
Hit the streetz and hustle, pick up the heat and bust you
I’m tryin to eat like Russel
Murda is my hustle But you keep chasin yestarday, you gon miss tomorow
It’s murda motherfucker we don’t beg or borrow
We take shit, fuck you and yo fake bitch, when the eight (.8mm) spit
You could feel the hatred, taste it
You high right now, you ain’t ready to die right now
The .45 will calm you down, you under trauma now
It’s drama how a child will shut shit down
Kill a nigger for the fuck of it I get you touched for chips
Fuck that shit, fuck the whip, and fuck you bitch

[Chorus] [ Black Child ]
If you chasin yestraday, you gon miss tomorow
It’s murda motherfucker, we don’t beg or borrow
We take shit, fuck you and yo fake bitch
When the .8 spit you could feel th

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