Testo The Points – Notorious B.I.G.

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Testo della canzone The Points di Notorious B.I.G.
[Notorious B.I.G]
I went from construction Timbs, to Ac’s with rims
Flippin mix tapes – to bitches feedin me grapes
Peep my mind state, Big Poppa flow is lethal
That weed wanna make my ass wanna kill four people
Fuck the game, gimme the chain and the Range
My niggaz up to par, drop-top Jaguars
Lock on you when you step in the car
Lock-whole you when you step in the car
That’s the superstar status apparatus, more wins than Cassius
Cease roll the hashes in the pocket with the 9
Roll up the whole dime, as my seats recline
I want a presidential Roley, so I crush MC’s to guacamole
Makin Robin scream,

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