Testo The Rebel – Johnny Yuma – Johnny Cash

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Testo della canzone The Rebel – Johnny Yuma di Johnny Cash
Album: Miscellaneous
Written by A. Fenady & R. Markowitz

Johnny Yuma was a rebel
He roamed through the west
Did Johnny Yuma, the rebel
He wandered alone

He got fightin’ mad
This rebel lad
He packed no star
As he wandered far
Where the only law
Was a hook and a draw
The rebel, Johnny Yuma

(Repeat 1st verse)

He searched the land
This restless lad
He was panther quick
And leather tough
If he figured that
He’d been pushed enough
The rebel, Johnny Yuma

(Repeat 1st verse)

Fightin’ mad
This rebel lad
With a dream he’d hold
‘Til his dyin’ breath
He’d search his soul
And gamble with death
The rebel, Johnny Yuma

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