Testo The Saddest Song – Annie Lennox

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Testo della canzone The Saddest Song di Annie Lennox
Album: Bare
The Saddest Song
Darling are you feeling
the same thing that I’m seeing?
Troubles of the day,
took my breath away,
took my breath away.

Now you’re longer talking,
And I’m no longer hearing.
There’s nothing left to say,
said it anyway,
said it anyway.

And I want you not.
And I need you not.
I’m dying
‘cause this is the saddest song I’ve got,
saddest song I’ve got.

Darling are you healing,
from all those scars appearing?
Don’t it hurt alot
Don’t know how to stop,
Don’t know how it stops.

Now there’s no sense in seeing
the colors of the morning.
Can’t hold the clouds at bay,
chase them all away,
chase them all away.

And I’m frozen still
unspoken still
remembering something I forgot
something I forgot.

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