Testo The Singer – Riccardo Cocciante

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Album: Songs (2005)
Testo della canzone The Singer di Riccardo Cocciante
The singer waits behind the curtain
Peers out on the crowd below him
Searching for the strength within him
Up untill the music begins

Then the singer
Standing on the stage
Disappears into the song
And the song will lift him up and lead him on
Sorrow and regret so far below him
Now the words and notes ring true
And the music sets him free

Something’s lost but something else gained
Singing all these feelings out loud
Confessing love and other true things
For himself and for tonight’s crowd

But the singer
He will raise his voice
For everyone who feels the song
He will offer up the chance to sing along…
Never knowing who’s meant to receive it
Needs the comfort of the choir
While the music sets them free

He sings
They sing
They are free
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