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Testo della canzone The Story of Ovo di Peter Gabriel
(Only available on some editions)
A long time ago, in a far away land
Theo was the man who learned to understand
The riches of the earth
And all that it was worth
The first man that ever tried to stand with his own plan
Now this man was all about the wind rain and trees
He knew that it would take care of all of his families

Now Ion was the son who spent his nights and days
Looking for all kinds of ways to get his father’s praise
In all daddy’s ways he just wanted to impress
Make it faster, stronger is what he tried to stress

Sofia was the girl
Living in her own world
She found love and joy with a young sky boy
Sky boys were seen as less to the rest
So it would seem
Sofia went into the woods to daydream
With love in her eyes
Her own father would despise
Her love for the young sky boy he would destroy

Feet in the earth
Heads in the sky
We watch the world go by
Feet in the earth
Heads in the sky
We watch as life goes by

When Theo was gone, his son Ion took the power
And in his daddy’s name, he built the biggest strongest tower
The earth people and sky people divided by machines
And the ones who had nothing were the ones who had the wings

The sky boy just wanted everything to be equal
From full-time lover to now fighting for his people

Now Beth was the mom
Who really loved to weave
She couldn’t believe her own son would decieve
The sky people got hungry and their welfare was ignored
She let them in the tower and the bloody battle roared
Down came iron and the tower fell as well
The dark days were over and the sky people’s hell

Feet in the earth
Heads in the sky
We watch the world go by
Feet in the

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