Testo The Tower – NoMeansNo

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Testo della canzone The Tower dei NoMeansNo
When I speak the words I repeat
Are lost within this roaring
And when I call your eyes turn to me
But what are they exploring ?
Hidden shapes that pass fast away
Upon the waters streaming
And what I see I just cannot say
There is no one to heed me
I could say that I am sorry
But what forgiveness lies before me ?
In the river
Those who know me know all too well
All my sins and failings
But brother dear, how could I tell ?
The course that I was sailing
In the flood, before my eyes
I see the face that I despise
In the river
It’s mine, it’s mine
Drifting far away
I can see you’rte not very strong
As the current sweeps you past me
Ans I can see your head going down
As helpless your cries find me

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