Testo The White Boy Troubles – FRANK ZAPPA

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Testo della canzone The White Boy Troubles di FRANK ZAPPA
Album: Unknown
[includes Amnerika and quote from What’d I Say (Charles) and Wooly Bully (Samudio)]

[FZ synclavier
Arthur Barrow bass
Chad Wackerman drums]


De white boy troubles!
(White boy troubles!)
De white boy troubles!
(Boy got troubles!)
Oh what a boidennn!
(Ooh, heavy boidennn!)
His car’s fucked up!
De boy got a provlem!
She ripped up de ‘polstry
(Wit de red dress on)
Outa dat O-zo-mobile!
(Tell me what I say)
Hafta go ta Tia-Juana now!
(Mattie told Hattie)
He should go to BROWN MOSES,
Way down in Egyppp-Lainnn!

(checking off a clipboard, like a social worker)

Looks likes y’done putty good heahh, HARRY-AS-A-BOY! I sees ya’ growin’ up like a weed, axmodently reproducin’ YOSEFF ‘n evvythang. Done found some low-rent housin’ in a one-dimensional cardbode nativity box on some Italian’s funt lawn . . . bunch o’ crab-grass underneath de offspring fo quick ‘n easy sanitatium . . . shit! Y’all provvly be savin’ up fo yo first LAVA LAMP putty soon!


We’re incredibly happy! Even though I’m gay for business purposes, my relationship with artificial RHONDA has blossomed into something really beautiful, although I must confess to being baffled by how she got knocked up.


Well, if de trufe be told, it were de father o’ de boy at de gas statium . . . when y’sent de ol’ lady in fo’ de inner-tube patchin’, ‘round de foth o’ July.


QUENTIN? How could he be so unfaithful? I’m sure God has ways of punishing naughty little guys like that!


Mights well stop complainin’, boy!

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