Testo Thinking – Avril Lavigne

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Testo della canzone Thinking di Avril Lavigne
Album: Others (2006)
Thinkin,thinkin ‘bout you
I’m so worried that I’m thinkin too much ‘bout you,
Even when I’m with you,
I think so much,so much,
Baby,just this one day (can’t you free me)?
I’m sayin’,I’m just sayin’
I’m thinking way too much,
Bout you,
Why,must talk ‘bout me all the time,
The to pay you,pay you back,
I’ve been thinking bout you,way too much today,
Its so hard can’t even concentrate,

You give me a note then run away,
I read the note smile and say,
‘Why me?Why,why,why me?’
I tell my friends,they think its a joke,
But they stop laughing when I show them the note,
Too,too hard to believe,
They think hes joking,
Hmph,What do they know?
I call him that night,
Some how I know he blushed when he told me the truth,
I dropped the phone he hung up,and called me right back,

He was thinking way too much bout me,
There was some connection,that he found out,
That I was thinking too much thinking about you,
Hes thinking way too much bout me,now what do I do?
Baby,way too,way too much thinking,
About me,
I was doing the same thing,
So I would even start to cry,
Tell me whats going on here,
Cuz you were wondering the same thing,

Sun was starting to come up when you called me,
Wasn’t even awake,
First words that came outta your mouth was,
‘Just go back to sleep,’
I gasp and say,’How stupid do you think i am?
You’ve been thinking,all night long,
About me,so I should be saying that to you,’
You don’t say anything for the longest time,
Until we both say bye, got to go to school,
We’re just thinking of each other if thats what you need me to do!

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