Testo Three Mississippi – Martina McBride

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Testo della canzone Three Mississippi di Martina McBride
I used to believe that things would change but here we go again
Riding a spinning carosel, this circle never ends
This kitchen table, has seen it all before
These walls are tired of stnding, can’t hold us anymore.


One Mississippi I close my eyes
Two Mississippi I’m begging you that we can still survive
Three Mississippi no looking back
we’re done for good and I know that
I won’t change my mind

Oooh yeah
Three Mississippi is where I’m at tonight

(end chourus)

We’re all out of second chances and all out of one more times
There’s not a word we haven’t said nothing we have not tried
My bones are aching from the weight I’m holding now
I took all that I’m taking, I’m breaking… breaking… down


Hold my breath
Close My eyes




3 Mississippi
3 Mississippi

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