Testo Til I Said It Was You – Reba McEntire

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Testo della canzone Til I Said It Was You di Reba McEntire
Love is a powerful word
A little word that oughta mean something
Love better mean what it says
Say what you mean or it doesn’t mean nothing
Love’s a dangerous door to open
If you don’t feel it when it’s spoken

Sometiems I said it when I really didn’t mean it
Just a throw away promise I knew wasn’t true
It meant a little less to me every time I did it
But I never said I love you from the heart
‘Til there was you

You made me tell you the truth
And that truth was a total revelation
I see I have it in me
Now I can speak without any heisitation
I love you comes so freely
For the first time I believe me

(Repeate Chorus Twice)

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