Testo Till The Heart Caves In – Roy Orbison

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Testo della canzone Till The Heart Caves In di Roy Orbison
Album: Miscellaneous
Stood together in an open field
And shared the secrets that the night revealed
Then we’d chase the light racing through the sky

Can we untangle guilt and innocence?
How hard we torture this ambevolence
Night will bring no dawn where’s the power gone?

For I’ll steal your dreams while you are sleeping
And sell them for dust and cheap lust
And I’ll turn your hope while you are weeping
And cover your eyes with sad lies and dark skies

Come closer to me, on your hands and knees, alone when your will’s gone

How much is not enough?, how much is through?
How long will I be getting over you?
How much grief and sin
Till the heart caves in? till the heart caves in?, till the heart caves in?

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