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Testo della canzone Tired Of Waiting dei Level 42
Album: Miscellaneous
tired of waiting
I’ve been waiting up all night
tired of waiting
I’ve been waiting since midnight
tired of waiting
just to give you an insight
tired of waiting

I’ve half a mind to walk away
and half a mind to stay
I’m tired of waiting
I’m tired of the lies, baby
too many broken promises
am I the only one who cares
I must be dreaming
are you for real today

oh, look at the bed we made
woe-betide the friends that I betrayed
god only knows the price I paid
you can’t imagine
I gave you time and space
but love still leaves you cold, no time to waste
let me be your saving grace
I’m tired of waiting

tired of waiting
hate to see you so uptight
tired of waiting
let me give you an insight
tired of waiting
with the benefit of hindsight
tired of waiting

when your father ran away to sea
he was running to be free
I know the feeling
‘cause you put the hurt on me
I try so hard to compensate
all you do is make me wait
times are changing
you can lean on me

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