Testo To The Kill – Violent Femmes

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Testo della canzone To The Kill dei Violent Femmes
Album: Violent Femmes
Do you know what it’s like to hate when it’s way down deep inside
Oh God I hate what’s been done to my life
I could rule the pain, rule the night, or would I ruin my salvation
Ruin my mind, rules your pains, rules oof the night ruin your salvation
Ruin your minds, ain’t had no fun all the time jackin’ around
Ain’t had no fun messin’ my mind, I kick it around
But if it’s alright with you
And it’s alright yes I will
Ah c’mon babe, go’head, to the kill
I ain’t no Kid Chicago
I ain’t no Al Capone
But there’s a windy city in my bedroom alone
I said I don’t live in Chicago
I don’t know no Al Capone
That bitch took my money and went to Chicago
If I ain’t already enough sick and alone
Ain’t had no fun jack jack jack jack jackin’ around
Ain’t had no fun(where’s it at)
It’s down down, it’s downstown

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