Testo Together – FRANK SINATRA

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Testo della canzone Together di FRANK SINATRA
(B.G. DeSylra, Lew Broun, Ray Henderson, Stephen Ballantine)
[Recorded January 16, 1962, Los Angeles]

She: We strolled the lane together, last out the rain together
Sang love’s refrain together, and we both pretend it would never end,
One day we cry together, that’s why we sigh together,
You’re gone from me but in my memory, we’ll always be together.
He: We strolled the lane together, baby, we last out that rain together,
Sang love’s refrain together, we knew long ago that our love would grow,
She: Through sun and storm together,
He: Our hearts as one together,
You’re gone from me, but in my memory,
Both: We’ll always be together.

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