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Testo della canzone Traces Of Red di Darkseed
rain covers my face before daylight
blood from the slaughter beneath my feet
I can? t take it
and the red crawls…
hot winds, colouring dead trees
how silent the light shines on you
on your red lips
and now there is pain

at night under a purple moon
a visit from the dead
followed by neverending night
in darkness the moment remains all swallowed
by icy waves of bittersweet death

a smile on your face like the demons bride
on my hands the blue light I cry
sensing madness? black wings
and the red crawls
there are the sweet, horrid wings of death
of grey, stone like silence, I breathe
from the cliffs of the night
I stare into decay

Feel the hand of death
Your blue eyes darken
I? m near
Unholy love
Your rose of youth torn apart
The purple sign
Your limbs are trashed by relief
Black seed arise
The flood comes crawling up to thee

Into the abyss of fear
A crying voice distant I hear
Your breathing chest it? s what I feel
The salty tears, they suck my skin
Now I’m here
Into the abyss of fear

Freeze because the moon stares down
Like a drunken whore
Your cheeks are bleech
My anthem will make you smile
The minotaur in me will come over thee
Breath of the night
As our bodies collide

A smiling face like the demons bride
On my hands the blue light
I cry
Sensing madness? black wings
And the red crawls…
Rain covers my face before shelter
Blood from the rose rins between my hands
And from your rosy skin
…and the red crawls…

[to be continued…]

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