Testo Treasure Hiding – Cocteau Twins

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Testo della canzone Treasure Hiding dei Cocteau Twins
Album: Milk & Kisses
You listen hard
Fear of flying
Fear of flying
With our love

Now i am sure
You and i will(the lips, the heart)
And you and i yeah

The lips, the heart
Fear of flying(the lips, the heart)
Fear of flying
Fear of flying(the heart, the soul,
Illuminated, illuminated)

The lips the heart
The heart the soul

Heart-shaped chews and traps
Treasure hiding
Scared of temptress skill
Love i’d sold, i was trying
Deep without us
Down down and further- tears
Collective in try and stop
Fire is out
Not ready focus
Life places scars
Purify them
Purifies new skins
In excelcius
Glee she’ll use as fire
Lips spread the fire
Your heart
And you are ready

The lips, the heart
You’re the fire, you’re the flame
The heart, the soul
Hand in hand, hand in hand

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